I wish to train at least 20 persons on website design and digital marketing before the year runs out.
If you wish to be part of this, you must be serious and disciplined to ensure you complete the course once you start.

I will be dedicating 1 hour daily for the practical online classes through zoom. You are expected to participate daily or download each day’s tutorial video from our website.

The goal is to get young persons empowered in digital skills and should be able to earn at least $100 monthly with the skills. I will not relent in teaching and mentoring till this goal is attained for each participant.

It is my joy to give the little I can for the betterment of society. The least you can do as a participant is to value this offer and put in your best to be serious about it.

By submitting this form, you confirm you wish to be part of the training and will do all within your power to follow through the course to its completion.

I’ll contact you through call, text or WhatsApp on the training schedule.

I’ll drop the zoom training invite on our WhatsApp group daily and discuss other important issues.