Hey, want to make some cool cash as the world goes on lock down due to coronavirus?

It’s not news, it’s just about buying and selling digital content whose demand has just been heightened due to the viral outbreak.

Relax and read through as I show you through this simple money making system.

Getting Started

Across the globe outdoor activities is grinding to a halt, more people are indoors now than anytime in the history of the world. So what do bored people do indoors?

Answer: They watch movies, stream music, watch porn etc.

So our job right now is to simply provide this services, cheaper and more conveniently.

I will show you where to buy digital products for dimes on a dollar and resale at profit, yet to the buyer you will be doing them a huge favor and saving them much more money.

This is how much you can make from buying and selling premium accounts.

Account Buy Sell
Netflix $1 $5
Spotify $1 $5
Hulu Premium $2 $7
Disney 1 year $10 $30
DC Universe $3 $9
Tidal Premium $2 $7
WWE Premium $2 $7
Showtime Premium $2 $7
PornHub Premium – 3 months $5 $15


Where To Buy

You can buy these accounts and start selling immediately.


Online Shops


Where To Sell

You can sell anywhere, from your WhatsApp and social media status to your groups and forums.

If you post a status right now, “Netflix premium account for sale, $5” you will get not less than 3 interest within the hour. There is no limit.

It Gets Better

I’ve made it easy to get into this business without stress. 

Buying – I’ve created a list of trusted sellers at the best prices for any type of account of choice.

Selling – I’ve created a list of forums and Facebook groups to sell your accounts with ease.

Payment – I’ll show you how to set up your payment system and accept PayPal, Litecoin and Bitcoin payments with ease.

All this comes with a one time fee of $5 only.

This offer is limited to only 100 serious buyers.

It Gets Even Better.

First 20 buyers will get exclusive access to my over 1000 plus internet marketing information products.

This is the best time to get into internet marketing as the world is gradually sliding into another recession.

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